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Zoey’s Story

Zoey lost 120 lbs with Lap-Band

“This Lap-Band did something to me that I can’t describe. It just brought out the best person I could be, the best human I can be.”

— Zoey, lost 120 lbs.

Zoey's Lap-Band® Success Story

Zoey’s breaking point

Zoey struggled with maintaining her weight for over 20 years, “losing 50 pounds, gaining 100, losing 20, gaining 30. It was constantly, constantly a struggle”. She lived her life in pain before she reached rock bottom, “In August 2017, I went to my primary doctor, I told him about my backache and he decided to do an X-ray. They found arthritis in my lower spine and said that if I didn’t lose weight, I would be handicapped in 5 years, on a wheelchair and not be able to go to the bathroom.“ Right as she heard this, Zoey knew a change was needed, “Okay, I’m young, my kids need me, I need to do something and I need to do it fast.”

Taking control

Lap-Band® Success Stories
Zoey's Lap-Band® Success Story

Zoey understood Lap-Band was different from other bariatric procedures, “I knew a lot of people that had done the gastric bypass, they had done the stomach stapling and the balloons and whatnot. But I decided to do the Lap-Band because I have more control over it.”

Being in control meant the world to Zoey. The Lap-Band Program gave her peace of mind that the other procedures couldn’t, “With the Lap-Band, if I gained 5, 10 pounds, I would go back to the surgeon, he’ll close me back up, liquid diet, boom, weight is gone. Done.” The process was too easy for Zoey to pass up.

Encouragement and care

Zoey maintains a relationship with her surgeon to this day. She mentions a lot of her success came from the care she received post-procedure, “I have amazing follow-up care and it taught me how to eat right. Of course, I go to restaurants and I want to eat everything on the table, but I can’t. You are only able to eat so much that even though you can eat more, you stop when you’ve reached your portion because your body has learned that. It’ll tell you it’s full.”

Maintained confidence boost

It’s impossible to put a price on confidence. Zoey told us, “I can look at a magazine and pick the dress off that model and put it on, and I look better than her. I was never able to do that. I had to choose one of the biggest sizes in the magazines, and sometimes the magazines didn’t have that size because I’m so big and they don’t carry sizes of that big of a size.” Now, Zoey doesn’t hesitate to buy the dress she wants.

Are you ready to transform your life with Lap-Band Program too?

Speaking with a Lap-Band Surgeon can help you resolve any questions or concerns you might have. If you are wondering if the Lap-Band Program is right for you, find a local surgeon today. Your weight-loss journey is right around the corner.

Important Lap-Band® System Safety Information

The ReShape Lap-Band Systems are approved for adults with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or higher, or a BMI of at least 30 with health conditions related to obesity, who have not seen success with other weight loss methods, like supervised diet, exercise, and behavior modification programs. Choosing this surgery means committing to changes in eating habits for the long term.

The Lap-Band procedure is not approved for individuals under 18 yo, those with conditions that may make them poor surgical candidates or lead to poor results, such as inflammatory or cardiopulmonary diseases, problems with the stomach and digestion, symptoms or family history of autoimmune disease, scarring of the liver, individuals unable or unwilling to follow the necessary dietary restrictions, individuals with alcohol or drug addictions, or those currently pregnant. Individuals who become pregnant after band placement may require deflation of their bands.

The ReShape Lap-Band Systems, a long-term tool, may need to be adjusted if you get pregnant, sick, or malnourished. Be careful with anti-inflammatory drugs as they could make the band wear away. Like any surgery, placement of the Lap-Band may have complications such as risks from drugs and methods used, general surgery risks, how well your body handles a foreign object, or in rare cases, risk of death.

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with metabolic and bariatric surgery that you and your doctor should discuss. Potential risks associated with the Lap-Band include nausea, vomiting, heartburn, stomach blockage, constipation, swallowing difficulty, diarrhea, abnormal stools, abdominal pain, weakness, incision pain, infection, fever, hernia, chest pain, band movement, stomach pouch expansion, unusual healing, pain at the port site, port movement, and/or hair loss. Additional surgery might be needed. Losing weight quickly could lead to complications requiring more surgery. 

Talk to your doctor, and/or visit our website at www.lapband.com/safety/ for more information on its benefits and risks.