MRI Information

The Lap-Band® System is MR Conditional.

A patient with the Lap-Band® System may be safely scanned under the following conditions. Failure to follow these conditions may result in injury to the patient.

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Nominal Values of Static Magnetic Field (T)1.5-T and 3.0-T
40-T/m (4,000-gauss/cm)Maximum Spatial Field Gradient (T/m and gauss/cm)
Type of RF ExcitationCircularly Polarized (CP) (i.e., quadrature-driven)
Transmit RF Coil InformationThere are no transmit RF coil restrictions. Accordingly, the following may be used: body transmit RF coil and all other RF coil combinations (i.e., body RF coil combined with any receive-only RF coil, transmit/receive head RF coil, transmit/receive knee RF coil, etc.)
Operating Mode of MR SystemNormal Operating Mode
Maximum Whole Body Averaged SAR2-W/kg (Normal Operating Mode)
Limits on Scan DurationWhole body averaged SAR of 2-W/kg for 60 minutes of continuous RF exposure (i.e., per pulse sequence or back-to-back sequences/series without breaks)
MR Image ArtifactThe presence of this implant produces an imaging artifact. Therefore, carefully select pulse sequence parameters if the implant is located in the area of interest.