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The Importance of a Weight-Loss Support System


The weight-loss journey isn’t an easy one, especially when your goal is to lose a drastic amount of weight utilizing bariatric surgery such as the Lap-Band® System. Psychological obstacles can play a major role in weight loss and whether or not you are successful. It’s vital that you have a support system on your weight-loss journey.

Research shows that having a team of individuals who supports your weight-loss and exercise goals will positively contribute to your long-term health goals. Support on your weight-loss journey comes in three forms: emotional, inspiring, and practical. Emotionally, you will need someone you can lean on when you are feeling down and discouraged. Similarly, you need inspiration to keep you going, whether that’s someone who tags along at the gym or encourages you to stay on track. From a practical sense, you need someone who helps you carry out your health goals by taking you to the gym, helping you cook healthy meals, or watching your kids so you can get in a good workout.

In order to get this support, you need to be upfront with your family and friends by telling them what kind of support you need from them and why. They should be aware of your goals. They may participate in some negative, unsupportive behaviors, such as encouraging you to slip up one night and eat a slice of pizza or to skip your workout to go to the movies. It may be easy for them to feel as if you don’t want to do things anymore, but remind them that you aren’t participating in those behaviors because it doesn’t align with your health goals, not because you don’t like them anymore. Understand that certain friends or family members may not be in the right frame of mind to help you on your journey, and you’ll need to find other people for support.

Support involves give and take; you must be willing to listen to and support others on a similar journey. If it’s easier for you to stay on track with your diet, but it’s easier for your friend to stay on track with exercising, rely on each other to balance out your strengths and weaknesses. It’s easy to feel ashamed if you slip up, but don’t isolate yourself; reach out to others when you are feeling down.

First and foremost, your Lap-Band specialist and dietitian should be there to fully support you. But you also need supporters who are on the same journey you are. Look for community health groups and attend local exercise classes.


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