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Signs It’s Time for Lap-Band® Surgery


Do you want to learn to love going for bike rides again, or taking a stroll after dinner? Do you want to have the energy to play with your kids in the yard all afternoon, or finally take that yoga class your best friend has been talking about? You may feel like your size is holding you back, and after many failed diets or weight reduction plans, you’re considering your options. If bariatric surgery, like the non-anatomy altering Lap-Band® Procedure, has crossed your mind, you must first understand why it could be right for you. There are certain requirements you must meet before moving forward with the Lap-Band System.


In order to qualify for the Lap-Band Procedure, you must have a specific Body Mass Index (BMI) that puts you in the obese or extremely obese category. BMI, which is a simple calculation that uses a person’s height and weight, should be at least 40kg/m2. If you have one or more comorbid obesity-related conditions, you may qualify for the Lap-Band Procedure if you have a BMI of at least 30 kg/m2.

Comorbid Diseases

If you have any obesity-related comorbid diseases or conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, you may qualify for the Lap-Band Procedure. Weight loss can often reverse or improve the symptoms of these diseases.

Multiple Failed Weight-Loss Attempts

If you have tried and failed multiple consecutive diets or weight reduction alternatives, you may qualify for the Lap-Band Procedure. Diets or weight reduction methods include supervised diets, strict exercise regimens, or behavior modification programs.

Patients who elect to undergo the Lap-Band Procedure must make the commitment to making major lifestyle changes, including significant changes to their diet. If you want to learn more about Lap-Band and if it’s right for you, speak to a specialist by calling 1-800-LAPBAND.

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