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Alcohol Consumption after Lap-Band® Surgery


Many patients wonder if they can still consume alcohol after the Lap-Band® Procedure. Can you make alcohol a healthy part of your post-Lap-Band Procedure life? Let’s discuss!

To succeed with the Lap-Band System, you must stick to your goal of making major, lifelong changes to your eating habits. That means, as you recover, it’s crucial to eat and drink the right way. It’s going to take a month or more for your new stomach structure to heal completely. You must follow your dietitian’s instructions carefully. Not only can eating too much too fast cause you to become sick and vomit, but the same goes for drinking too much or too fast. For the first several weeks after your surgery, you’ll need to follow a specific food list, with liquids limited to water, skim milk, vegetable broth, and sugar-free juice. That means no sugary, carbonated alcohol.

Once you are adjusted to the Lap-Band, you will want to drink only low-calorie liquids. Those containing calories will simply run through the narrow outlet created by the band. There is the chance that, if you drink high calorie liquids like beer, wine, and liquor, you may not lose weight even if you are otherwise following your diet. It is recommended that you avoid alcohol for at least six months following your procedure. When your specialist gives you permission to start drinking alcohol again, avoid sugary and carbonated beverages. Keep your consumption to a minimum, as you can become intoxicated quicker and drinking after bariatric surgery can lead to low blood sugar. Be aware of calorie content, and consume your beverage slowly with a meal. Pay close attention to your consumption to ensure it isn’t becoming a problem.

It is not recommended that patients addicted to alcohol or drugs undergo the Lap-Band Procedure. It puts you at significantly higher risk for dangerous side effects. It also makes it more difficult to follow the strict food rules and make the necessary lifelong changes to your eating habits. 

If you have questions about your alcohol consumption after Lap-Band, speak with your dietician or specialist.


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