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Refreshing Your Workout Routine


Do you feel like you’ve hit a rut with your workout routine? Has your weight loss plateaued? It might be time to switch up your workout routine, especially because many gyms are still closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It can be easy to get bored or tired with a workout routine. If you find yourself totally dreading workouts—or worse, beginning to skip them entirely—it’s time to switch things up. 

Change Up Your Playlist

If you’re listening to the same songs over and over again, it can become too repetitive. Music is supposed to distract you, help you get through difficult moves, and motivate you to keep going. If it’s become too predictable, it’ll no longer be a helpful distraction. Make a new playlist full of the songs that motivate you; they’ll push you through those workouts where you think you can’t possibly do another rep. 

Join a Group

You may not be able to join an in-person workout group right now, but joining an online group fitness class is a great way to switch up your routine. You’ll meet people who are in a similar position and you’ll get to try new classes. You might even meet a friend that can help hold you accountable, join classes with you, and take walks together (when it is safe to do so). 

Get Outside

With gyms closed during the pandemic, you’ve probably been forced to bring your workout indoors. That can get tiresome quickly. Take your workout outside. Pick a scenic trail or your favorite park and go for a walk or hike. After every five minutes, stop to do a few exercises, like jumping jacks and lunges.

Up the Intensity

If you’re doing the same exercises day after day, two things can happen: the exercises become easy or they become repetitive and boring. It might be time to up the ante. Do more reps, increase the weight you’re lifting, push your endurance by holding the move longer, or try a more difficult version of the exercise. Randomize your workout by learning new moves. You could even create workout cards and shuffle through the deck to incorporate new exercises during each workout.