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Breaking Up with Fad Diets


With all the diets on the market right now, it can be hard to keep track of what’s what. The truth is, fad diets do not work and it is time for a break up.

When a new diet craze hits the market, everyone is talking about it. There are commercials and advertisements, and special products take over the grocery stores. It seems like there is always a group that falls for the gimmick, hoping that it will be the miracle cure they’ve needed all along to lose weight. As this happens, the dietitians sit back and continue to preach the same advice they’ve preached all along: losing weight and maintaining it is a result of eating less and exercising more. The reason people don’t always listen to dietitians is because they want a quick fix. They want to reach their body goals in a month; they don’t want to put in the required time it takes to lose weight. For some people, no matter what they’ve tried, they can’t lose weight, so they will try any fad diet that pops up in the hopes of finding success. People can be deterred by the strict commitment to a life-long change.

On the other hand, fad diets only require a few weeks of time to provide incredible results (or so “they” say). However, by now we know that fad diets are not the answer. Quick fix diets can leave you malnourished and weighing more than you did when you started. Fad diets also focus more on the size of your body than the health of your body. This means that promoted fad diets may not be all that heart-healthy or easy on your body. More often than not, they are detrimental to your health (for more reasons than one). They can cause nutrient deficiencies, and severely restricting your necessary caloric intake and the combination of exercising more can cause your to pass out. Weight cycling—a result of getting on and off fad diets—is unhealthy for your body. Maybe more than anything, fad diets don’t address the behaviors that you require to lose weight and keep it off. On the contrary, a diet prescribed by a dietitian is a safe, healthy way to lose weight and maintain it. Changing your behavior for the long-term is what works, and exactly what the Lap-Band® helps you do.

It’s time to break up with your fad diet for good and try something that will work for you in the long-run.

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