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Emotional Eating

Gaining Control Over Emotional Eating

When you’re upset or stressed, do you find yourself over-eating or eating unhealthy foods? Maybe when you’re happy you give yourself a treat by enjoying a sugary coffee drink. When it’s a tough Mon…

Finding Success with Lap‑Band®: Michelle’s Story

Countless individuals have found success with the Lap-Band® Program. The procedure is performed laparoscopically, and there is no rerouting of the stomach or intestines, so patients are able to rec…
Adjusting to New Life with your LAP-BAND

Adjusting to New Life with your Lap‑Band®

Before you have the Lap-Band® Procedure done, you will need to commit to making a life change. While the Lap-Band is a non-anatomy altering, reversible procedure, it still requires lifelong commitm…
Scar from LAP-BAND Surgery?

Will I have a Scar from Lap‑Band® Surgery?

If you’re considering the Lap-Band® Procedure, you probably have a long list of questions. There are plenty of stories out there, but you don’t trust any random person, and you know that everyone i…

Success Story Spotlight: Nina

Lap-Band® can be a successful tool for many people. Nina was one of those individuals who found success with the procedure. There are numerous benefits to the procedure that make it a great choice …
Post-Surgical Care

Post-Surgical Care One Year After Lap‑Band®

If you’ve had the Lap-Band® Procedure for a year or longer, by now you know that your life looks drastically different than it did one year ago. However, if you’re still considering the procedure a…
Will I Need Skin Removal Surgery After LAP-BAND?

Will I Need Skin Removal Surgery After Lap‑Band®?

Many people that are about to embark on the Lap-Band® Procedure, or are at least weighing the options, wonder if excess skin removal will be necessary once they’ve lost a majority of their weight. …
Success with the LAP-BAND

Seven Tips for Success with the Lap‑Band®

The Lap-Band® is a great tool for weight loss, but it is not a cure. It requires a major commitment and lifestyle change to achieve and maintain success. If you’re thinking about the Lap-Band Proce…
Fad Diets

Breaking Up with Fad Diets

With all the diets on the market right now, it can be hard to keep track of what’s what. The truth is, fad diets do not work and it is time for a break up. When a new diet craze hits the market, ev…