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Adaptive Fitness During Your Lap-Band Weight-Loss Journey

You’ve probably heard adaptive fitness discussed in the context of individuals who have suffered accidents or have disabilities that impact the way they move. However, adaptive fitness can also be …
Positive overweight African American woman enjoying a remote workout

Refreshing Your Workout Routine | Part 2

Refreshing your workout routine doesn’t have to be complicated. A previous article recently touched on four ways to rejuvenate your exercise regimen. For those looking for more specific changes, th…
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Is Pregnancy Possible After Bariatric Surgery?

When considering bariatric surgery, one of the most common concerns people have is their ability to get pregnant after the procedure. Is pregnancy possible after weight-loss surgery? The short answ…
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4 More Tips for Success with the Lap-Band

Readers may have caught the seven tips for success with the Lap-Band® from an earlier article. For those who want more guidelines for success, this article will cover four more recommendations for …
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Strategies for Overcoming Food Cues 

Last year we published an article on the concept of food cues—what they are and how to recognize them. In case you missed it, food cues are triggers that cause the desire to eat, whether you’re hun…
Woman holding out a full glass of water

Tips for Staying Hydrated After the Lap-Band® Procedure

Drinking enough water should be a priority for everyone, but for people who’ve had weight-loss surgery, like the Lap-Band® Procedure, hydration is especially important. Dehydration is one of the mo…
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Am I A Candidate for Weight-Loss Surgery? | Qualifications For Bariatric Surgery

When it comes to losing weight, there are plenty of options for surgical bariatric procedures, like the Lap-Band®. However, it can be difficult to know when you qualify as a candidate for bariatric…
Adult woman with smartwatch sits on floor at home and adjusts weights

Cardio Vs. Weightlifting: What’s Better for Weight Loss?

After your Lap-Band® surgery, exercise will become an important component of your weight-loss journey.   The most important aspect to losing weight is the assistance from the Lap-Band to help …
Cropped image of woman marking liver disease in medical questionnaire

Obesity & Liver Disease | Comorbidities for Obese Individuals

Most people know that obesity increases your risk for several serious conditions and diseases. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and osteoarthritis are some of …
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The Lap-Band® vs. Gastric Sleeve: 10 Year Comparison

When choosing the right weight-loss surgery option for you, it’s important to consider not only the short-term results but the long-term success, as well. With bariatric procedures like the gastric…