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Committing yourself to change is the first step. The second is finding the right weight loss solution for you.

Find out if the LAP-BAND® is right for you:

Explore the qualifications

It's crucial that you find a weight loss solution that is right for you. The LAP-BAND® weight loss program helps you to lose weight gradually and safely. To ensure that you can lose weight safely with the LAP-BAND® you must meet certain criteria.

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is at least 40 kg/m² or you have a BMI of at least 30 kg/m² with one or more obesity-related comorbid conditions
You are at least 18-years old
A history of unsuccessful weight loss attempts
Not currently suffering from any other disease that may have caused your excess weight
You are prepared to make major changes in your eating habits and lifestyle
You do not drink alcohol in excess
You are not currently pregnant (patients who become pregnant after their gastric band placement may require adjustments or removal)

Are you a qualified candidate?

Our highly-trained LAP-BAND® clinics are dedicated to providing a weight loss solution that is both effective and safe. There are a variety of factors that could render you an unqualified candidate for the LAP-BAND®. It's important that you carefully review these qualifications, and even speak with a clinic to ensure that the LAP-BAND® System is right for you. It may not be right for you if:1

You have an inflammatory disease or condition of the gastrointestinal tract, such as ulcers, severe esophagitis, or Crohn's disease.
You have severe heart or lung disease, or any other disease that makes you a poor candidate for any surgery.
You have a problem that could cause bleeding in the esophagus or stomach. This might include esophageal or gastric varices (dilated veins), congenital or acquired intestinal telangiectasia (dilation of a small blood vessel).
You have portal hypertension
Your esophagus, stomach, or intestine is not normal (congenital or acquired). For instance, if you have a narrowed opening.
You have/have experienced an intraoperative gastric injury, such as a gastric perforation at or near the location of the intended band placement
You have cirrhosis
You have chronic pancreatitis
You are addicted to alcohol or drugs
You have an infection anywhere in your body, especially one that could contaminate the surgical area
You are on chronic, long-term steroid treatment
You might be allergic to materials in the device
You cannot tolerate pain from an implanted device
You or someone in your family has an autoimmune connective tissue disease, such as systemic lupus erythematosus or scleroderma. The same is true if you have symptoms of one of these diseases.

Are you unsure if the LAP-BAND® is right for you?

Choosing the right weight loss solution could mean a lifetime of improved health and enhanced quality of life. Speaking with a highly-trained LAP-BAND® clinic gives you an opportunity to resolve any questions or concerns that you may have. You can begin your weight loss journey with a peace of mind that it is both comfortable and safe for you.



It isn't a diet, it's a healthier lifestyle.

The key to long-lasting weight loss is finding a solution that is right for you. Thousands of people around the world have experienced the benefits of the LAP-BAND® and so can you.

Minimally Invasive

The LAP-BAND® procedure is minimally invasive because it's performed laparoscopically. It doesn't require any permanent changes to your body, stapling, amputation, or rerouting of organs.2

Effective Weight Loss

It has been shown that 65% of excess weight can be lost at one year. Most people lost 6 inches off their waist and hips.3

Long-Term Results

Throughout your aftercare program you will receive support from a team of LAP-BAND® specialists. They will encourage you to live a long-term healthy lifestyle and keep the weight off for good.


"It's going to change your life."

The hardest part for Hector was making the decision. His advice for someone considering the LAP-BAND® is to not hesitate, and just do it. It changed his life and he believes it can change yours too.


Receive an expert opinion.

A local LAP-BAND® clinic can help you explore the LAP-BAND® and find out if you are qualified.


Weight loss is just around the corner. It begins with you.

Each weight loss journey is different. Find out if the LAP-BAND® is the right solution for you.


Important LAP-BAND® System Safety Information

Indications: The LAP-BAND® System is indicated for weight reduction for patients with obesity, with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of at least 40 kg/m2 or a BMI of at least 30 kg/m2 with one or more obesity-related comorbid conditions. It is indicated for use only in adult patients who have failed more conservative weight reduction alternatives, such as supervised diet, exercise and behavior modification programs. Patients who elect to have this surgery must make the commitment to accept significant changes in their eating habits for the rest of their lives.

Contraindications: The LAP-BAND® System is not recommended for non-adult patients, patients with conditions that may make them poor surgical candidates or increase the risk of poor results (e.g., inflammatory or cardiopulmonary diseases, GI conditions, symptoms or family history of autoimmune disease, cirrhosis), who are unwilling or unable to comply with the required dietary restrictions, who have alcohol or drug addictions, or who currently are or may be pregnant.

Warnings: The LAP-BAND® System is a long-term implant. Explant and replacement surgery may be required. Patients who become pregnant or severely ill, or who require more extensive nutrition may require deflation of their bands. Anti-inflammatory agents, such as aspirin, should be used with caution and may contribute to an increased risk of band erosion.

Adverse Events: Placement of the LAP-BAND® System is major surgery and, as with any surgery, death can occur. Possible complications include the risks associated with the medications and methods used during surgery, the risks associated with any surgical procedure, and the patient’s ability to tolerate a foreign object implanted in the body. Band slippage, erosion and deflation, reflux, obstruction of the stomach, dilation of the esophagus, infection, or nausea and vomiting may occur. Reoperation may be required. Rapid weight loss may result in complications that may require additional surgery. Deflation of the band may alleviate excessively rapid weight loss or esophageal dilation.

Important: For full safety information please click here, talk with your doctor, or call Apollo Customer Support at 1-833-851-2164.

CAUTION: Rx only.


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